Manuel Ocantos


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Chess Openings - Essentials Training Course

51 Lectures 3.5 hours

  Manuel Ocantos


Chess Teacher

Interacting with people around the world is what I enjoy the most because in addition to learning a lot and sharing my experiences 

that's where I feel that we all belong to one single community.

I've spent several years in the online teaching world, refining how I work and trying to understand the changing needs of this place,

 which I see as the future of education.

I live together with my lovely girlfriend Gisele who is an inspiration for me to work harder each day.

Being a top ten player of the country that I represent (Luxembourg) and living in South America, has put me in contact with players 

from different backgrounds and playing styles.

I have been studying chess for 25+ years. From the moment that I got my first book I knew that I would love the game forever. 

I know that the road to improvement can be hard. I've been there. But my goal is to make this road enjoyable and smarter.

Now I want to share my passion for the game of chess and teach everything that I learn as an eternal student of the game

and an international player.

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